Nick McCooke


Nick McCookeis Chief Business Officer of DNA Electronics. He is an experienced and successful bio-entrepreneur, well-known for leading the Solexa team that built the Next Generation Sequencing(NGS) platform that became the basis of Illumina’s current market-leading product line.

Previously, Nick was a consultant in the biotechnology industry, working primarily in the areas of NGS and biomarkers. In particular, he was recently interim COO of Cambridge Epigenetix, the Syncona-funded Cambridge University start-up, coordinating the launch, in August 2013, of their first product in the NGS space. Before that he was part-time CEO of Oxford Cancer Biomarkers for about 18 months from start-up, where he inked a key collaborative deal for the company with Astra Zeneca. Earlier he was CEO of Belgium-based Pronotanv, a company discovering novel protein biomarkers of disease in blood and developing them as diagnostic tests.

Nick joined Solexa as CEO in 2000, and led it through the development of its game-changing DNA sequencing technology to its listing on NASDAQ.

Apart from his base in the UK, Nick has lived and worked in the USA, Japan and Belgium. He is a non-executive director of AIM-listed biotech company Bioventix PLC and from June 2014, a trustee of the Association of Medical Research Charities. He has an MBA from the London Business School.