Dr. Stefan Rödiger



The talk will be about our multiplex microbead quantitative PCR and digital PCR technologiesIn this talk I will highlight of the parameter extraction to to qPCR data preprocessingI will show examples for the detection of HPV and pathogenic E. coliDescription
Dr. Rödiger graduated as engineer in Pharmabiotechnology at the University of Applied Sciences Jena. Later, he worked at the University of Jena, Technical University of Dresden, and the MPI-CBG. During his doctoral thesis he focused his research on software, hardware and wetware technologies for the detection and quantification of proteins and nucleic acids. Since 2013, he is a group leader at Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus - Senftenberg where he intensified his interest in the development of diagnostic tools for human diseases, forensics, image-based assays and applied statistical bioinformatics. His research also deals with microbead-based technologies, digital PCR, microfluidics as well as methodologies based on proteins in the field of autoimmune diagnostics. Dr. Rödiger contributes to open source software packages for applied statistical bioinformatics.